Kinetic Network Guarantee

Kinetic Network Guarantee

If you’re not happy with one of our digital products from the Kinetic Network or its partners, you can now get a full or partial refund within 7 days of your purchase.
To qualify for your refund, you must have paid for your item via one of our official stores and have a reasonable reason why you’re not happy with our product.

What doesn’t qualify
To stop any abuse of the system, you must not use any of the purchased items to aide your game. All items from kits must remain in chests, all commands and cosmetic should not have been applied or used. You’re also not able to apply for a refund due to server bugs or crash issues.
All refunds must be filed via us and not issued as a charge-back via PayPal or your bank. Doing this will also forfeit your guarantee.

What does qualify
After claiming your purchased item you are able to apply for a refund if you feel the item was not as described on our store, or you feel that our service what not up to standard. In the rare instance that you haven’t received your items after 48 hours, you can also file for a refund.
If the purchase was accidental or without consent from the account holder. You’re able to file for a refund up to 14 days after the purchase, even if items have been claimed.

How to get your refund
To get your refund email us at [email protected] You will hear back from one of our support members within 7 working days.
Make sure you used a real email and to check your spam folder, as refund requests will not be dealt with over Discord.

My request was denied
We’re fully within our right to deny any refund request without reason. However, in most cases, we will provide a reason for the rejection. Whether the request is accepted on denied is fully down to the discretion of the staff members dealing with your case. Any attempt to charge-back is a breach of our ToS and will result in you being banned from all services operated by the Kinetic Media Group.