Services & Expertise

Websites and Infrastructure

We develop, maintain and manage websites across the globe. We put the infrastructure in place to allow your site to be fast quick and secure.

Game Server Managment

Managing fast and reliable game servers, for both public, personal and commercial use. Supporting large public servers for a range of games.

Backend Managment

Managing servers so others don’t have too. Keeping them online, fast and secure for a range of environments.


Developing software and tools for different ideas and projects. Range of languages and APIs.

About us

The Kinetic Media Group was founded in 2017 to bring online communities together and offer online public gaming that was safe, friendly, and well maintained. Over the years we’ve grown out our gaming services, now offering both premium and free game hosting for anyone. Allowing people, no matter their financial restraints, to connect online.

That’s not all. We also host several online communities and help manage and maintain their sites, with our custom web tools and infrastructure.

In 2019 we’re still growing and exspanding. Now growing out our development team, we’re taking on new projects for both modding games and creating our own.

Our Brands & Projects

If you have a brand, we can help promote it across our services